I am Heather!  This website started out as my blog –  a crafty blog for scraps of all the fibers – quilts, sewing, knitting, paper & my family!  To check out my current & past posts – click Blog in the top menu.
I would love to quilt for you, including quilters with finished quilt tops needing quilting, t-shirt quilts & even helping you to find a pre-made quilt top for me to finish if you don’t sew!  Please check out the details on the left (bottom on phones) menu.
I have been sewing & quilting for over 10 years & designing quilt patterns since 2013.  Scrapbooking & paper crafting have been in my life for over 10 years while taking photos for even longer.  I took up knitting recently – just since Sam was born.
I’m an engineer (electrical) who always loved art & music as well as math & physics.  I love how my crafts all combine artful expression as well as the tiny details an engineer loves!
I worked in engineering & management within Corporate America for 10+ years after college.  I never intended to quit; right up until the day I had Andy I was swearing I was coming back and would be working just as hard as before.  When I did quit I intended to take off about a year & then head back to work.   That was in 2008 & I never did make it back!  I’m now putting my talents to work for you and sharing my experiences.