I would love to quilt for you; including pieced quilt tops needing overall quilting to finish, t-shirt quilts from scratch, helping you to find a pre-made quilt top for me to finish if you don’t sew and more.   Please look around the website for more details.
This website started out as my blog –  a crafty blog for scraps of all the fibers – quilts, sewing, knitting, paper & my family.  Please browse through my Blog.
I am a techie, crafty, goofy mom these days.  I left the corporate ladder in 2008 to raise some great kids.   I sew, quilt, design, scrapbook, knit & take photos for myself & friends. In 2016 I decided to take the plunge and purchase a long-arm quilting setup to be able to complete all of the customer quilts!